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Sami is an Australian singer/songwriter/entertainer, who is actively making a permanent name for herself in the music industry, for her hard work and ambition. She captivates her audience with her approachable personality and natural stage presence. Her vocal ability is beyond her years and her song writing has been well recognised within the industry, winning many prestigious awards.

With the release of her award winning, debut album 'SAMI - Every Passing Minute', Sami performs over one hundred shows every year including two international tours in Canada and New Zealand in 2016, 2017 and 2018. With over 1,000 sales of her album, it has been responded to well by the public and industry.

Her single 'I Just Want to Love You' hit the iTunes charts at #5 on the 7th June 2016, sitting right under Australian sensation; Keith Urban.
Her current single 'Summertime' sat at #1 in Tasmania, #3 in Australian and #5 in Florida in July 2017. Sami is working on a new CD to be released in time for Christmas in 2017.

Finishing her course in professional writing and editing, Sami adds onto her full-time music career with her journalistic approach, writing about her touring life to many magazines and newspapers, while also creating her very own DVD Documentaries about her tours and towns visited. Performing in major festivals, she reports yearly on the Red Carpet at the Australian Golden Guitar Awards. She has also found the modelling scene to complement her career nicely, doing numerous photo shoots across Australia.

You can read some of Sami’s writing on https://samicooke.wordpress.com

You can view some of Sami’s photo shoots on https://www.facebook.com/SamiCookeModel

Sami is trained vocally in classical techniques and found the contemporary music genre after being accepted into the 2011 CCMA Academy at Tamworth junior course. Over the past years, Sami has developed a large amount of skill on numerous different instruments and incorporates these sounds into her performances such as saxophone, keyboard, ukulele, acoustic guitar and soon to come; violin. She is known for encouraging a great amount of audience participation as entertainment is a big part of her success with her audience.

Below are the links to Sami's music pages. Sami's website has more details and information about her music career, including tour dates.

Manager: Janelle Cooke @ Samittar Management & Promotions
Email: sami.cooke@hotmail.com
Phone: 0439 134 040
Website: www.SamiCooke.com.au
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/SamiCookeMusic/
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/SAMImusicpage
YouTube: https://www.Youtube.com/user/coyote921996/videos 
(Over 50,000 views)
Linkedin: SAMI cooke
Instagram: sami_cooke


From the very Beginning...

I came into the world on February 9th, 1996, born to the most beautiful family there is. I am the youngest of five, two brothers; Scott and Mitchel Cooke and two sisters; Sharee Schultz and Nicole Harris. We all grew up in the country on two different farms; a piggery, until I was four, and then a miniature goat stud. Now that we're all grown up and moved away, we are all still very close and family orientated, which I find important, as evident in some of my songs on my debut album 'Every Passing Minute'..

I completed my Primary schooling at Young Public School, where I actually played saxophone in the school band from Year Three to Year Six. I had never thought about singing before I was eleven but I guess it's kind of hard with a saxophone in your mouth.

In year 6, a school talent quest was held, and a group of my friends wanted to go in it, so we all signed up. On the day of the Talent Quest, all my friends pulled out for some reason or another but I wanted to continue. I invited my Mum to come and see the show so the stakes were high. She was shocked as I had never sung in front of anyone before.

I got up on stage to sing My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, however I got stage fright and ran off in tears. Towards the end of the quest, I gained enough courage to get back up to sing with my face turned to the wall. By the time I reached the chorus, I turned around to face my audience, and I loved it. I actually won the talent quest and it was then that I told Mum I wanted to do something with singing. The singing bug had bit me, badly, and I was inspired to pursue a career in singing.

Soon after I met my very first singing teacher Larz Berg, from whom I learnt quite a lot. I switched around between a couple of teachers within my first year to try to find my nitch, until I found Mark Brooker at the Young Regional School of Music, who has helped me quite a lot, and has always been very supportive of my ambitions.

My very first 'major' performance had to be at my sister's (Sharee) wedding when I was eleven. Soon after, I began to apply for Eisteddfods, which are classical talent quests. I really enjoyed my time performing in these competitions as it gave me the confidence I needed to overcome my stage fright and heckling, as I came home with big trophies. I won many Junior Overall positions at numerous Eisteddfods such as Forbes (where Anthony Field also won) and Wagga. This was also my very first piece of public proof that I could actually sing and so my family supported my entrance into concerts and other performances around our area.

High School came around fast! I attended Hennessy Catholic Collage, following the footsteps of my brother Mitchel, however, as all my friends went to the public school, at the end of year 7, I switched to Young High School. This was also a great move, as through the public system, I was able to represent Young, three times in a row, in the Schools Spectacular in Sydney. I also attended the Regional Schools Choral Camp, which was one of my favourite places! I met so many incredible people and musicians there who are still lifetime friends.

Throughout my high school life, I still didn't know I could make a life in the music industry as I never knew much about it. Of course, my dream was to be a famous singer, but I thought it was my wildest dream rather than an achievable one. I loved music but I was heading towards music journalism so I could end up like Richard Wilkins and hopefully be a reporter on other artists. It wasn't until 2011, when I was accepted into the CCMA Australian Academy of Country Music, which is held in Tamworth, that I fell so deeply in love with this lifestyle. I knew then that I had to do whatever it would take to make it work. During Year Ten and Eleven, my ideas began to form towards wanting to be a musician full time.

I attended Tamworth Country Music Festival for my first year in 2012 and I was shocked to experience how incredible it was. I was in 17 showcases within my 10 days there and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Each year since, I have followed in those footsteps, however, I keep beating my record of shows: In 2012, I was in 17 showcases, 2013 saw me in 28 showcases, In 2014 I was in a whopping 33 showcases and in 2015, I performed 24 shows plus radio and journalistic work throughout the 12 days. I have made some amazing friends and now I basically have a whole other family in Tamworth.

Since then, I begun writing songs continuously and started my touring life with performing 101 shows in 10 months on the Eastern Coast of Australia in 2014. The excitement of touring caught on to me so of course I had to continue touring throughout 2015, performing 3-4 shows every weekend. I found that in this industry, you can never stop learning so in 2016, we have organised two international tours: New Zealand and Canada.

I began work on the radio in Young 2yyy 92.3fm in 2011, after I came home from the academy. This was one of the best decisions I have made in my life thus far as I learnt so much through radio, such as interviewing people and talking clearly. I was with Young 2yyy until November 2013, as I left on Tour, but I do thank everyone who helped me, and a special thankyou to my co-workers, Tom Oreilly and David Munnerley.

During my HSC year of 2013, I decided to make my very first album as I had nearly written enough songs. While recording, I wrote a few more, so the album changed from 10 tracks to 14! I wrote these songs from about the age of 15 all the way through to when I was 18, showing all different stories, some about me, some about others and the rest were for all of my listeners to relate to. I had so much fun recording with Derwent Studios in Canberra during the time of February til September. This album was passed onto Jeff McCormack for mastering and we received the finished product on the 16th of November 2013.
During this busy time, I began to receive recognition in the industry from some of the big names in the Music industry, winning Beccy Cole's Shiny Star Contest and being asked to perform in three of her shows; Canberra, Young and Cowra. I was also asked to open for Tania & Ray Kernaghan and Bill Chambers throughout 2013 and 2014.

I finished high school at Young High School in 2013 knowing exactly what I wanted to do! I was offered many courses at university, but unlike all my friends, I turned them down so I could do something I actually loved. With the constant support of my family and my Mum as my Manager, we prepared for my 2014 Australian Album Tour.


My Official Album Launch/18th birthday concert was held on the 8th and 9th of February 2014 at the Harmonie German Club in Canberra. This was an amazing night with nearly 300 people turning up throughout the night, coming from as far as Darwin for the night. I was very privileged to have eight, very talented and different guest artists performing throughout the night which kicked off at 6:30pm and finished at 1:30am.

I got completely out of my comfort zone and toured the Eastern Coast of Australia with Mum (my manager) for 10 months- performing 3-4 shows every week. This tour consisted of 101 shows, which has assisted in creating a permanent name for myself in the Country Music Industry as one of the hardest working musicians. This tour had my manager and I cover over 130 towns between Airlie Beach QLD and Port Fairy VIC, performing three to four shows a week, and this was all due to the release of my award winning debut album; 'SAMI-Every Passing Minute'.

Since that first year touring Australia, I have been completely dedicated to making this passion for music a full time career by continuing to perform over 100 shows yearly across Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania and Canada. I never know where it is going to take me so be ready to see a few more countries added to that list in the years to come. I am excited to release my new CD at the end of this year. I've been writing with some very talented musicians in Sydney and Newcastle and I am really loving the sound of these tracks!

Thank you for following my music career!

Stay in touch with social media as I would love to see you at one of my shows.

Love to all of my fans, SAMI